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Why Wash My House?

Although it may be easily dismissed by most homeowners as simply "dirt", there are serious threats to the house exterior
posed by the unsightly grime and organic material that exists on buildings.
Fortunately, there is Michigan Pressure Washing (MPW),low and high pressure, high-volume exterior cleaning specialists.

There are a number of reasons why cleaning the exterior of your house and surroundings should be a regular
component of a routine maintenance:

It preserves the exterior surface. Cleaning your house surface does more than simply remove dirt and external
contaminants from the building surface. While dirt and pollutants pose more of an aesthetic concern than anything else,
the threat posed by water-storing fungi has serious performance implications for the house exterior and surrounding areas.

When mold spores attach to the surface - whether the exterior is an Vinyl siding, Aluminum siding, EIFS surface, masonry,
limestone, brick or precast concrete - they start a cycle of life that mars the appearance of the building with water stains.
The fungi retain the moisture on the building exterior and manifest themselves in the form of green, black and gray stains
on your house.
The destructive properties of water are heightened in that process. The mold that develops on the exterior can lead to
deeper problems within the surface. It can contribute to the so-called "sick building" syndrome that can threaten more than
just the "health" of the building envelope, it can threaten the health of the people who live there.

Extends the life of caulks and sealant.
Simply properly cleaning your building exterior regularly is a lot less costly than a major refurbishment of caulking,
sealant and flashing. The safe cleaning of a building protects and enhances the existing caulk and sealant lifting mold,
mildew and dirt off the surface.

Returns the building to its original beauty.
In many cases, homeowners have simply forgotten what the original surface looked like. In addition to mold, mildew and
dirt, carbons, for example often damage buildings located in a city, as do other pollutants created by vehicular and
industrial emission.

A clean house is a good investment. it's better and healthier place to live.
If you are selling your house, a dirty, dreary one is tough to sell. Remember that the first impression is always the most
important impression. After washing your house apperance will be improved and it will be more attractive to
potencial buyers.

There's a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Clean Your Building
MPW services are the best way to effectively clean exteriors surfaces without damaging it.


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